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Destroyers Chapter / SMDA

Dog Tag Campaign

25305 Balmoral Dr.

Shorewood, IL 60404

Dog Tag Program Cost:

Veteran Service Member:  $20.00 Donation

Active Duty Service Member:  $10.00 Donation (poc MSgt. jones)

Now you can be a visible and growing part of the battalion's legacy.  The Heritage Room which has taken the place of the NBC building behind the battalion CP will house displays to exhibit authentic artifacts and backgrounds from the battalions 30 plus years of service.  As the battalion moves forward into the future, additional artifacts will be added to display the ongoing proress of out unit.  Citations and awards will be displayed throughout this facility.  This facility will also maintain a meeting space that can be used for classes, informal meet and greets and social events.  This facility will evolve into a living memorial for all Marines and Sailors from the battalions past, present, and future.

We have come up with a unique way that will allow everyone who has served in the past and is currently serving with the battalion, the opportunity to leave their name stamped in the battalion's history.  The Destroyers Chapter has acquired a 25MM barrel which will be mounted to a wall within the Heritage Room.  For each donation, we will purchase a brand new personalized dog tag to hang from this 25mm barrel.  You will then become a permanent part of the Battalion Heritage Room for all visitors to see.  Proceeds from these donations are earmarked for the continued construction and purchase of amenities for this facility. 


BAttalion Heritage Room