Membership is easy to obtain.  Click on the Second Marine Division Association logo below and complete the required information.  When you enter your duty assignement and enter your affiliation with the 2D LAV, LAI, LAR Bn., you will automatically become a member of our chapter and receive benefits of both chapter and national.  We hope to officially welcome you aboard soon.    

  Active Duty:                                $15.00

  Annual Member:                         $30.00

  Life Member age 50 & older       $200.00

  Life member age 50 & under      $300.00

Dues are as follows:

Staying current with the happenings of the 2D        Light Armored Reconnaissance Bn. 

Veteran support of the 2D Light Armored Reconnaissance Bn.

Receive quarterly publications of the SMDA's "Follow Me" Magazine.

Reconnecting with friends at reunions and at the annual 2D Marine Division Birthday Celebration. 

Scholarship assistance.

Veteran Assistance.  

Monthly "Grinder" updates via email. 

Example of Member Benefits:

The Destroyers Chapter of the Second Marine Division Association is seeking Active Duty Marines, Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, Veteran, family members and friends who have served with the 2D Light Armored Vehicle, Infantry, and Reconnaissance Battalion.  As a member of The Destroyers Chapter you will once again be reconnected to your battalion along with the accessibility and privileges of the Second Marine Division Association. 


Membership Information:

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