• July 2014 - Chapter reaches a milestone and secures $10,000.00 for funding of this project.  
  • September 2014 - Atlas Monuments removes memorial for corrections.
  • February 2015 - Atlas Monuments delays proposed delivery of memorial due to weather. 
  • November 2015 - .  The memorial is returned, and battalion CP begins renovations halting work on the memorial.
  • January 2017 - The CP renovation work is completed and The Memorial Enhancement Project resumes with ground work being prepped for the walkway and knee wall.

Project Update:

The Destroyers Chapter would like to thank all of our supporters who have contributed to this project so far.  We also want to thank everyone in advance for your donations and hope that you will help spread the word of the this project and share it with your your friends.  Every little bit helps. 

This campaign is ongoing and you can donate monetarily clicking on the LAR logo below.  Each donation is charitable and secure by using pay pal. 

These are some of the enhancements to be made:

  • Correct all typographical errors and omissions on the current memorial.
  • Install a personalized paver / brick path leading from the entrance sidewalk to and around the memorial.
  • Install a crescent style wall behind the memorial to include solar accent lighting.
  • Add curbing to separate the memoiral and walkway to include a flower bed. 
  • Add additional reflection benches around the memorial.
  • Maintain funding for maintenance and upkeep of the memorial.

Welcome to the 2D Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion War Memorial Enhancement Project.  When we first visited with the battalion in 2010 and met with a few of the SNCO's, we learned that the battalion was looking to enhance the current memorial.  We were informed that there were a few typographical errors and omissions on the memorial and due to recent engagements, the memorial has unfortunately reached it's capacity.  We also learned that from a funding standpoint, the battalion was running into legal complications with the Judge Advocate Generals Office.

With The Destroyers Chapter of the 2D Marine Division Association being an established not for profit organization, we stood ready to accept the honor to raise the required funding to accomplish the objectives of the battalion and this enhancement project.  The Destroyers Chapter felt so strongly about this project that we have written this into our mission objectives for the chapter as the number one priority.    

Memorial Enhancement Project